The Little Creek Water Company
In Swanson Square
Inside 360 NORTH
Next to the Salvation Army, in Kenai
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Exceptional Drinking Water with "Perfect for People 7.33 Ph"

The Little Creek Water Company. A local Kenai Peninsula Business.

Selling a superior product than that of the bigger, outside competition...

At a much, much lower price than that of that same bigger, outside competition...

Now that is what a local company should do...

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The Little Creek Water Company bottles pure, clean, refreshing drinking water from the mountains right here on the Kenai Peninsula. Our source comes directly from the mountain with "perfect for people" Ph of 7.33; which is exactly the Ph people should be drinking. And, our source has tested ND (non-detectable) for Arsenic (and any other harmful agent or element); and... that is rare on the Kenai Peninsula.

Perfect, Clean, Pure Water!


The Little Creek Water Company:
5-Gallon Carboy (single)= $7.00 each
5-Gal. Carboys (3 or more)= $6.00 each
If you buy your drinking water at the store in Kenai...
We have better water, for an average of over $2.00 a unit cheaper!
That's DOLLARS....Not Cents!
Stop in and pick up your water at our conveient location in Swanson Square, next to the Salvation Army, in Kenai.

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Kenai Store & Service Center


Inside 360 NORTH

next to the SALVATION ARMY,



Business Customers and Deliveries!
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The Little Creek Water Company provides courteous, professional, and on-time delivery service to every type of office, business, and shop. And with us, all businesses pay the same low rate of $6.50 a 5-Gallon Carboy.
That's an average of over $2.00 less than the bigger, outside competition.
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"Perfect for People" Ph / Health & Testing

  • The Little Creek Water Company is licensed, permitted, and maintains all regularly required testing on our high quality water and bottles.

  • In addition to that, we have done a battery of other tests; and some of those tests you may find interesting... (check the COMPLETE TESTING link below)

  • In multiple tests over a four year period, arsenic has never been detected in our water; and that is rare in Alaska.

  • And our Ph is "perfect for People"! It tests at 7.33 on the Ph scale right at the source; with no mechanical or chemical manipulation. Doctors and "water snobs" will all tell you that a Ph of 7.33 is perfect!


Product Care & Safe Handling Instructions!
Please Save & Return the Caps!

Please Remember to save and return Your Caps!

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To Install on Dispenser:
Do Not Remove the No-Spill-Seal!

The seal keeps the water in, while you hold it up-side-down!

Caution While Lifting!

* Lift with Knees!
*Use the Handles!

Glasses of Water
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Proper Storage Instruction.
Please remember to save & return your caps!

Store in Moderate temperatures. Store in a dark(er) area. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of Time

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Contact Us

Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today.

Scott Sellers or
Cheryl Tuttle
11888 Kenai Spur Highway #3
Kenai, AK. United States, 99611



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About Us

A Global & Small-Scale Provider

We are a locally owned company!
When we opened, our idea was to produce our extremely high quality water for a much, much lower cost than the current local market.

When we opened, over 90% of the current local market was from outside the Kenai Peninsula.
When we opened, the current local market sold 5-Gallon Carboys of "not-so high" quality water anywhere from $7.75 to $9.25..... and they still do!
We sell at $7.00 for single 5-Gal. units; and $6.00 each when you buy 3 or more!
And!!! Our quality is far superior. 

A small, local, family owned company...

Producing a much better product than the bigger, outside competition...

At an average price of $2 DOLLARS less than the bigger, outside competition...

Doing better business for the public in our town was our goal; and thanks to your help, we are succeeding!

Come and see us at The Little Creek Water Company, and taste the difference in our free samples of our water. If you buy your drinking water, you can't go wrong with us. Truly the best water for the best price.

The Little Creek Water Company, inside 360 NORTH; our other store. Located at Swanson Square, next to the Salvation Army, in Kenai.